Education Connection

The importance of a well rounded education is extremely important in today’s ever changing world. Although you may know exactly what field or business you want to get into, be sure to fully evaluate your situation and scenario. In order to do this I feel it is crucial test the waters, to get your hands dirty with something a bit unfamiliar.

I went to a a liberal arts school in Staten Island, NY and why, might you ask. I went because I had no idea what I wanted to study and furthermore, what I wanted to do, but I did know one thing, if I was going to find out I was going to find out in the most diverse city in the world, NYC. Here is where I got my well rounded education. I took my sciences, histories, mathematics, religions, and economics courses during my time in the class and learned very much from them. However I feel much of my formal education came from the time that I spent out of the classroom. The time learning and understanding how people work, how the city operated, the speed at which it operated, how trucks came in day in and day out to stock the city, all this baffled me and I was curious to learn about it.

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